Ted Cruz Asks Richard Blumenthal a Question About Black Voter Participation That Blows up Dem Narrative

AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner

Democrats have created this completely false narrative about election security laws. Doing things like requiring ID is somehow “racist,” even though most of the world requires it for voting and most Americans want it to ensure the safety of the elections.

They created this fiction over the past few months, over laws in states like Texas and Georgia, creating a mania against the Georgia law which prompted Major League Baseball to pull the All Star game from the state. Crazy Democrats from Texas fled the state to prevent a quorum to stop voting on an election security bill. Both efforts only served to show how radical the Democrats were on this issue and how out of step with most Americans there are.

But what they’re really saying with their objections is that they don’t want checks on fraud. I’ll leave that to your great sense as to why Democrats wouldn’t want checks on elections to make sure they’re secure. But they’ve wanted to shift the narrative to characterize the laws as “racist.”

Today, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) bagged them big time on the issue.

First, he pointed out how Democrats have raised objections to voter ID as part of this campaign.

None of these people actually explain how requiring an ID from everyone in a state is racist. It doesn’t even make rational sense. But that doesn’t stop them from saying it in a Senate hearing. Cruz exposes how these folks just make the claim without any support.

Next, he moved on to another point — that they attack the laws in red states like Georgia and Texas, whose laws are actually less restrictive than in blue states. Indeed, those red states have more opportunities to early vote, for example, than does Joe Biden’s own state of Delaware.

Delaware has no in-person early voting at present, unlike Texas and Georgia. Some other blue states have fewer opportunities for voters to cast their ballots early and in person than Georgia or Texas currently have.

But Cruz found a golden opportunity when responding to Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) to make that greater point about red states vs. blue states.

“Why is it that Connecticut has lower African American registration and lower African American turnout than Georgia and Mississippi?” Cruz asked. That was not a question that Blumenthal wanted to answer. “You know, I’m really not here to debate…” he said. Cruz responded, “That speaks volumes.”

Exactly. Blumenthal didn’t want to debate because his whole point would fall apart. It’s hard to argue that laws are somehow being restrictive when you are actually having more voting participation. Sort of puts a big hole in the argument. That doesn’t stop Democrats from making the argument. But it does make them look extra silly and hypocritical when they make it.

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