Biden Says Something Completely Ridiculous, but Doesn't Even Realize It

Biden Says Something Completely Ridiculous, but Doesn't Even Realize It
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

It must be a tough thing to have the responsibility every day to cover for Joe Biden, never knowing when he’s going to say something awful, commit a horrible gaffe, or lapse into incoherence. Talk about an ulcer-producing job.

As I wrote earlier, White House staffers are reportedly doing the best they can to build a “wall” around him and “cocoon him,” so they can prevent him from gaffing — but there’s only so much you can do, when you have to throw him out in public all the time.

Biden should be retired somewhere, living out his days in peace, but for the fact that some folks want to use him to hold onto power for the Democrats. So they have to deal with the whole, flawed package.

Part of the problem is when they throw him out there, trying to have him interact or read something off a teleprompter or from notes, he’s so horrible at it, you can tell he’s reading and has absolutely no comprehension about what he’s saying. That’s been a recipe for lots of gaffes, when he ends up not being able to read it correctly — or he otherwise gets into trouble.

Biden had that problem Friday, when he was talking about trying to halt carbon emissions. Watch, as it’s clear he’s not really taking in what he’s reading aloud. That’s when he gets into trouble.

He starts by saying he’s “working to pass historic investment and to modernize our climate resilient infrastructure.” Historic investment in what? Of course, what that really means is spending his head off.

But then he really gets into it. He says the U.S. is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions 50-52% below 2005 levels by 2030. “We’ve set a goal that by 2025 our power sector will be free of carbon and 2030, 50% of the cars should be, must be electric vehicles.”

Now that ‘50% of cars being electric’ thing is never going to happen in nine years. But the worse claim is that, in four years, our power sector will be free of carbon as a goal. That’s just silly and is not going to happen. Anyone with a working brain cell would know that this is a bad statement to make — because it just isn’t even logical or possible. If they tried, they would completely destroy our energy capability and a ton of businesses as well, throwing who knows how many people out of work.

This, after the economy has already been gravely injured by government restrictions. And we can destroy our economy and impoverish our citizens with all this, and it still wouldn’t make China, which actually is a big polluter, change their ways. They would just look at us and laugh.

But Joe didn’t even get why what he said was so wrong. Which says a lot right there. He had absolutely no idea what he was even saying there.

The White House then later had to clean up the mess, explaining that he really didn’t mean 2025 — he meant 2035. That’s still ridiculous. Not sure that even makes any more sense, but at least it isn’t just four years from now.

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