China's Behavior Now Shows the Danger of Mark Milley's Actions

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We reported on the troubling story of Gen. Mark Milley’s contacts with the Chinese, as well as intervening in the chain of command as to military/nuclear operations, something he doesn’t have any right to do. While Milley’s spokesperson tried to spin the contacts with the Chinese as normal, the spokesperson didn’t deny the report that Milley had told the Chinese that he would warn them first if we were going to attack. Which tells you right there everything you need to know about the truth of the allegation. The former acting Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller, said he never authorized such contacts with the Chinese.


Now, not only is this incredibly improper, as we’ve said, with some even calling it bordering on treason, there’s another very harmful consequence of that.

The story behind all this was China was worried about a possible U.S. attack. This, of course, was just nonsense. As retired Army Colonel Douglas McGregor said: “Trump was not someone who was going to launch a nuclear strike out of the blue against anyone.” But Trump was tough on China; kept them guessing and back on their heels. He was tough, showing strength, so they knew that they couldn’t take chances or they would hear from him. He held them in check.

What Milley did with his alleged comment was interfere in that, saying to them that they would get a heads-up before any attack. Not only was that unconscionable, it now frees their actions to push as far as they can, knowing that they will get a “heads-up” from Milley before anything happens to them. They know that Joe Biden has said that he has full confidence in Milley, so they know they can count on being tipped off by Milley and there’s no one pushing back against this. And this is incredibly bad because it feeds their ambitions for power grabs.

So what do we see now?

We see China out and out threatening to “reunify” with Taiwan.


No response that I can see from the Biden Administration.

But that isn’t the only place China is threatening — they’re threatening us, too.

The editor of China’s state-run media Global Times says Chinese warships could “show up near Hawaii and Guam one day” and “that day will come soon.”

The Naval Chief of Information responded.

But it’s obvious they feel emboldened and free to make these threatening comments with Joe Biden and Gen. Mark Milley in charge. Milley isn’t even supposed to have any operational command, as we previously said, so again he has no right to say anything in this regard. But he’s literally interfering in our potential future actions and plans we might have with his alleged comment, taking away their fear.

Here’s Mark Milley in 2015 saying China is not an enemy.


In other words, he’s either ignorant or defending China. Now, whether or not he thinks China is an enemy, they obviously view themselves as our enemy. Friends don’t address each other the way they are talking to us and threatening us. It’s incredibly troubling that he’s that deluded and has allegedly inserted himself so improperly into operational command.

Biden not calling him out on this also means Biden is completely fine with his constitutional powers being usurped. If Milley sought to substitute his judgment for that of Trump, what stops him from doing the same thing with Biden? Yet, Biden professes not to care, which shows Biden’s incompetence, yet again.


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