Hilarious: Mark Milley Has Even Lost Alexander Vindman Now

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As we reported earlier, according to a Washington Post story, Gen. Mark Milley, the head of the Joint Chiefs, allegedly took action to stand in the way of President Donald Trump’s command power, telling the military in charge of the nuclear weapons any orders or actions needed to go through him before being acted on. He apparently tried to interfere in that power of the president after being pushed to do so by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, something I reported back on Jan. 9. When Pelosi approached the military, as I said then, she was told they couldn’t act against the Constitution — that would amount to a military coup.


But then Milley did, in fact, act on what she said. On top of all that, Milley contacted his counterpart in the CCP and said that if we were going to attack China, he would warn him. Milley did not tell the president of his actions/conversations with the Chinese. That’s another unbelievable and improper action on the part of Milley going completely rogue and bordering on treason.

How is this guy still in office at this point and not under investigation? Not to mention Pelosi should be impeached for this coup attempt, if it’s true. Of course, none of that is likely to happen when Democrats are in charge, so all the more reason for a full-court press to change the House and the Senate in 2022 to stop these egregious actions from continuing. Talk about blowing up norms. There are no norms and nothing to which the Democrats won’t stoop, it seems.

You don’t get an “exception” because you don’t like the guy in power in the White House. You still have to uphold the Constitution. But Milley and Pelosi did everything they could to usurp this power behind Trump’s back.

How clear a problem is this?

Well, when even Alexander Vindman, the guy who thought he had a right to dictate policy rather than Trump, thinks this is a problem, then you know how bad it really is.


How funny and ironic is that. Funny that he gets it when it comes to Milley but not when it came to himself. And I never thought I would say Vindman was right about anything, but he’s definitely right here. Except that he doesn’t go far enough. A resignation isn’t sufficient. Both Pelosi and Milley need to be investigated to substantiate the charges here.



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