Pentagon Spox John Kirby Shows How Bankrupt the Biden Admin Is

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

We’ve written about the two U.S. drone strikes — supposedly against ISIS-K targets — after the bombing at the Kabul airport that killed 13 Americans, at least 170 Afghans, and wounded many others. The Biden team pushed this as evidence of their “over the horizon” ability to take out terrorists.


The Biden Administration claimed in the first strike that two “high profile” targets were taken out. But as I wrote, this was immediately questionable when they refused to even name who the supposed targets were. How do you confirm what they’re saying if they refuse to even name anyone?

This is not normal if the targets were indeed high profile. How do we know it wasn’t just a night watchman in an aspirin factory — if they don’t provide any proof? Unfortunately given the nature of the lies that the Biden team has told, we literally have to ask this about everything now, because nothing they say is trustworthy.

Then there was a second drone strike that the military leaders claim took out ISIS on their way to attack the airport — they initially claimed there were no civilian casualties. But then the word came that there were eight kids killed and two men who had helped the U.S. efforts in various capacities.

The military tried to claim that there were “secondary explosions.” But as I reported last month, the folks on the ground reported there were no secondary explosions. Which means the civilians weren’t taken out by the U.S. hitting a terrorist and having his bombs go off; they were the target hit. The NY Times later did a report basically confirming what we reported, indicating that the man they thought was “ISIS” was actually someone who worked for a US-connected aid organization and was getting water for people. For that, they took him out and killed nine other people. So much for the Biden, “over the horizon” capacity.


Now, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby has revealed today just how truly bankrupt the Biden administration is on this issue. He was asked whether could he confirm the names/identities of the alleged “ISIS” people in either of the two drone strikes.

Kirby again refused to give the names, saying it wasn’t the time, and he wouldn’t say what would make it the right “time” to tell anyone the answer. It was a disgraceful answer. One of the reporters asked about The NY Times story that the aid worker was actually the one targeted, falsely, as “ISIS.”
Kirby claimed that the “assessment” of the situation was “ongoing,” and that he wasn’t going to “get ahead of that.” He can’t confirm who was killed, but it was to prevent an “imminent attack on the airport.” From an aid worker who had water jugs.

Bottom line here? There were reports that the Biden team had advanced knowledge of the bombing attack on Kabul airport, at least knowing where and generally when it was going to occur, but didn’t stop it. They wanted to flip the script and change the news cycle. So they took out people they had no idea who they were and even know are refusing to back up anything they have said.


Their “over the horizon” capacity isn’t worth spit at this point, and they killed innocent people who believed in the U.S., who were hoping to escape the Taliban and come here because of the help they rendered the U.S. The worst thing of all is they are trying to stonewall this all — and will probably get away with it.


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