Congress Lights up Blinken Over Afghanistan and Drops a Bombshell on Biden

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken is answering questions today at a congressional hearing on the debacle in Afghanistan.

Now, this is just started, and there will likely be a lot to say as they continue this, but he didn’t start off well.


The first thing that everyone noticed was that Blinken didn’t even actually show up for the hearing in D.C., despite the fact he’s in D.C. Instead, he appeared on Zoom to answer questions, not appearing in person. Why? Did he not dare to face people in person?

Just couldn’t be bothered. Talk about obnoxious.

Then he said that he expected the Taliban to ensure basic rights, despite the fact that they are not doing that now, and he’s claimed they would hold them to it, as though he had anything to hold over them. This makes him sound naïve beyond belief.

The Taliban isn’t even ensuring freedom of travel now, and Blinken’s doing nothing about it.

The most important thing he revealed, which the White House has previously refused to comment on, was the status of the flights that were being held by the Taliban at Mazar-i-Sharif. Some Americans had gotten out on planes from Kabul, and the White House was trumpeting that — while not answering questions about these Americans and Afghan allies that were in Mazar-i-Sharif. Now Blinken basically admits that they are still being held, so yes, he can’t argue that this isn’t a hostage situation anymore.


He keeps repeating this number which was previously proven wrong. There were at least 142 Americans reported at Maar-i-Sharif, although some of them might have now tried to get out by other routes, given the Taliban hold-up there.

Blinken refused to answer questions about the reported call between Joe Biden and former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani, where Biden allegedly told Ghani that whether it was true or false, he had to tell the public that they were beating back the Taliban — basically lying and deceiving the public.

Then Rep. Scott Perry really got down to it with Blinken, asking him some great questions. Did the State Department block any Americans from being evacuated? Blinken claimed not, despite many reports to the contrary. How many Afghans did they evacuate who weren’t SIVs (in other words, how many were evacuated, not because they helped the U.S. but to bump up the numbers and were just refugees, not the people the State Department was supposed to be concentrating on getting out)?


Then Perry made an even deeper dive into whether there was money going as “aid” to Afghanistan, and there was payment to terrorists.

This questions about an interview by the FBI really caused Blinken to melt down. Now, that sounds fascinating.

Blinken previously had been reported to have had contact with Hunter Biden through email, asking for advice in 2015, so it’s fascinating if there’s really the FBI investigation of Hunter might potentially be going into this direction with Blinken.



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