Rolling Stone Pushed Fake News on Ivermectin, but What Happened Next Was Even Worse

AP Photo/Steven Senne

As we reported previously, Rolling Stone put out a story claiming that hospitals in Oklahoma were unable to treat gunshot victims because they were so overloaded with overdoses of people taking ivermectin for dealing with COVID.


Their source for this incredible story? One doctor. No cites from statistics, hospitals, or anyone else. But they did have a really nice misleading picture of people waiting in line. As though gunshot victims would be outside the hospital, waiting on a line. Turns out that it was an old picture of people waiting for vaccines. The winter coats gave it away a bit.

Of course, the greater claim about the overdoses was false. One of the hospitals where the doctor had worked in the past said it wasn’t true for their hospital and that he hadn’t worked there in months (and so really wouldn’t know what was going on there now).

Rolling Stone later updated their article to note the correction by the hospital. They should have retracted the whole story, but they don’t have enough moral fiber to do so, apparently. A “correction” that basically obliterates the story means the story should be retracted.

But this story already went everywhere — quoted and pushed by everyone in the liberal disinformation universe, including by Rachel Maddow who has still not corrected or pulled her tweet.


Now, this tweet is very instructive.

It shows how worthless Maddow is that they didn’t even do any basic checking before spreading something which practically screamed out that it wasn’t going to be true. Some “journalism.” But again, it confirmed her biases about those ignorant people from Oklahoma so that was the important thing, not the truth. And the same thing for the ton of media that just followed right along without question.

The fact that it’s still up on Twitter pretty much says it all when it comes to the “disinformation” industry. Where are the fact-checkers who jump immediately to twist anything a Republican says to false (even when it’s true)? Where’s Twitter, to label how misleading this is? None of that seems to be in operation here.

So, once again, what we see when it comes to all this — different rules apply for those on the left.


That’s really what it gets down to. One word: control.



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