Biden Completely Incoherent at Meeting With Rabbis, Then Lies His Head off About Being in Civil Rights Movement

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I’ve said it before, indeed, in a story earlier today.

Joe Biden has a problem. There’s something very wrong with him and it goes far beyond incoherence or dementia. He just can’t stop lying and puffing himself up. Even over things that are demonstrably untrue. Even when he’s previously said something completely different.


Biden was at it again during a meeting today with rabbis.

It started off with weird incoherence and then moved on to the lying.

Every time Joe Biden goes off the reservation and starts trying to pander, you know it’s going to go wrong. He was in a formal meeting with limited time and he just goes off on a ramble about his daughter and when she got married. He talks about how it’s the dream of every Catholic father to have his daughter marry a Jewish doctor. Huh, what? Is that Joe Biden throwing out stereotypes again? He said he was upset that they didn’t play “On Eagles’ Wings,” a Catholic hymn, at the wedding. Instead they played another song that he forgot the name of. “What is the song? With the chair?” Biden said, failing to remember “Hava Nagila.”

If there was a point there, you’ll have to forgive me, because I was unable to discern it, apart from “I am trying to pander to you.”

But then he went beyond that incoherence back into outright lying.


Here he is lying, once again, about “coming out of the civil rights movement.”

Joe Biden 2021? Meet Joe Biden in 1987 after he was caught in his lying/plagiarizing scandal when he first ran for president. He was caught then, lying about marching in the civil rights movement and had to admit that he was never actively involved.

It was too much even for CNN to defend.

Yet although he corrected himself in 1987, he’s continued fall back and repeat the lie that he was involved in the civil rights movement since then, even after correcting himself. That’s a dangerously pathological problem at this point.


The truth was also not just that he didn’t march but that he had some clear racial issues himself.

Indeed, as we’ve seen, on the contrary some of his actions/comments were pretty questionable and would have been questionable even at the time in 1977, such as when he talked about not wanting his children to grow up in a “racial jungle.”

That’s why you had him over the past forty years making all kinds of racial remarks, even up to last year and “you ain’t black” unless you voted for him.


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