USMC Take Troubling Step Against Marine Commander Who Demanded Accountability on Afghanistan

(AP Photo/Virginia Mayo, File)

So what happens when you call out the powers that be and demand accountability, saying that you are going to get it, as Marine LTC Stuart Scheller has done?

Now, after his last video, the leadership is clearly not going to take it and they are moving against him because he’s gotten far too much attention. As we previously reported, they had already relieved him of his command. Now the USMC is going to paint him as having mental health problems and being a “threat” because he spoke about bringing the “system down.”

There’s nothing in his video that indicates that he’s a threat to anyone, he’s a bringer of truth that explodes the narrative that they want to pitch so they’re going to paint him as a nut and try to do him in. Talk about a scary reaction by the leadership to being questioned, bringing power to bear against someone who asks for accountability.

They’re also doing this because dissent on the issue of what the leadership did in Afghanistan has been growing and they’re going to try to make an example of him to prevent anyone else from doing the same thing in the future.

This is what they’re worried about — they’re worried about more people stepping up and calling for accountability.

Now, Scheller said that he was resigning, I doubt that he put his papers in yet since he said it earlier today. And then it will take time to process. But then he should theoretically be beyond their particular reach, although they will, as I said paint him as a danger and try to smear him. That could be problematic for him even after resigning. So as to that question of whether there’s anyone in military leadership who has enough honor to match this man’s sacrifice, apparently the answer is not only don’t they have honor but they’re just as cutthroat as any Democratic politician.

But what it sounds like is he’s going to need some free legal help to assist him from the cutthroat folks he may be faced with here.

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