ISIS-K Fires Multiple Rockets on Kabul Airport as People Desperately Try to Leave

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

One of the things that is saving us at the moment in Kabul is that we have some great military members and great military assets — when our politicians aren’t leaving them for the Taliban to grab.


Multiple rockets were fired on the airport late last night. ISIS later claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to Fox’s Jennifer Griffin, of the five rockets fired at the airport: 3 landed outside the airport, 1 was intercepted by C-RAM defense, 1 landed inside the airport. According to Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby, one of the rockets got through U.S. defenses and landed inside Kabul airport in the attack last night, but there was “no damage to U.S. forces or planes.”

The U.S. claimed that the rocket attack on the airport didn’t interrupt the process of evacuations.

From CNN:

Approximately 1,200 people were evacuated from the capital in the last 24 hours, almost entirely on US military flights, according to the White House on Monday. That figure is down from a high point last week when 21,000 people were evacuated in a 24-hour period.
It brings the total to approximately 116,700 people evacuated from Afghanistan since August 14, and 122,300 people since late July.


That attack follows a drone strike against alleged ISIS bombers near the airport yesterday. That allegedly killed nine members of a family including six children.

The U.S. intends to wrap it all up tomorrow at some point after twenty years at war in the country. But there continue to be a ton of reports of Americans and Afghan allies trying to get to the airport and being unable to get in.

There were reports that a group of American University students were unable to get in.


The students were told there were no more flights and that their names had been given to the Taliban.

The Biden Administration still can’t say what they’re doing for all these people once they leave tomorrow.


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