The Arrest Warrants Are Being Served but Texas Dems Are Still Playing Games

The Arrest Warrants Are Being Served but Texas Dems Are Still Playing Games
Texas House Sergeant at Arms serving arrest warrants on Democrats (Credit: Morgan O'Hanlon)

The window of time and options for the game-playing Texas Democrats are almost done.

As we previously reported, the Texas Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gov. Greg Abbott’s right to veto their funding so that their pay and that of their staffs stops come the end of September if they don’t come back. On top of that, the effort was also cracking as some of the Democrats came back and actually showed up on the floor on Monday, almost enough to break the quorum.

The one thing the Democrats had in their favor was a judge who issued a restraining order to block the possibility of arrest. But then the Texas Supreme Court issued a stay blocking that restraining order, clearing the way for them to be arrested and melting their hope.

Yesterday, they signed the arrest warrants.

Now today, the Democrats continued their narcissism, playing for attention with a photo-op.

Imagine trying to pretend you are “fighting for democracy” by actually avoiding “democracy” and the taking of a lawful vote just because you know you’re going to lose. The Democrats are failing to act in accordance with their oaths and they’re still getting paid by the people while they fail to do their jobs. Meanwhile, the actions that should be getting done in the state, even beyond the election bill are going undone because of the Democrats’ tantrum. Talk about whiny babies. In addition to being liars about the nature of the election security bill.

They’re basically saying come arrest me so we can get some good photos of the arrest and we can pretend how heroic we are. It’s all performance art with these drama llamas. But, these Democrats being Democrats, they’re all hat and no cattle, as we say in Texas. When the House Sergeant at Arms showed up at their 52 offices in the House to serve the arrest warrants, so far none of them have been there. They apparently skedaddled out of there.

So much for the boast of the Democrats. But it’s typical of their actions throughout this whole endeavor — they’re all talk, with most of that talk being lies and nonsense.

But putting the Democrats to the test and putting their feet to the fire, it’s a great look. Go, GOP in Texas!

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