WATCH: Vaccine Passports Underway in France With Police Checks -- Papers, Please!

Police check vaccine passports in Paris (Credit: Antony Paone)

As much as we might take issue with a lot of the bad things imposed by the government in regard to the pandemic, it hasn’t gotten to the point of national vaccine passports just to participate in society as it has in France.


They were most against having to impose it on the children.

Most weren’t anti-vaccine, just anti-making it mandatory.

People have been protesting for weeks against it, to no avail. Today it went into effect.

From Forbes:

As of Monday, 9 August, it will also be a legal requirement to show a Pass Sanitaire when dining out, drinking in a bar, visiting a hospital (not for emergencies) and traveling on long distance trains. And from September, it will be legally required by employers, to ensure that all contracted workers have one too.

You do not need to be vaccinated to have a Pass Sanitaire, but if you are not, it must be because you have recently tested negative for Covid-19 or are recovering from Covid-19.


It also applies to places of worship, parks, pools, arcades — basically any place where there might be more than a few people in public. It will apply to children aged 12-17 years old starting September 30.

Here’s what it looks like — you have to show your papers. The police are walking and checking people to make sure they have it.

If you didn’t figure out the French, they call it the “Pass Sanitaire.” You have to show the police your QR code on the digital passport. Papers, please! How incredibly disconcerting it is to watch police checking citizens and dictating their movements. Not to mention, that when police are involved in this ridiculous pursuit of having to harass citizens to comply with government dictates, they’re not doing what they’re actually supposed to be doing — fighting real crime.

There are big fines for fake passes and for employers who do not comply with making their staff get it.

The government is set to introduce tough sanctions to combat health pass fraud, including those who try to use someone else’s health pass as their own; those who use a fake pass; or those found to be selling fake certificates.

Presenting a fraudulent health pass: €750 fine, reduced to €135 if paid quickly. Second offence within 15 days, fine rises to €1,500. Third offence within 30 days, €3,750 and up to six months in prison.

Employer failing to ensure staff meet rules for pass and vaccination: €1,000 fine, rising to €9,000 and up to a year in prison for the third offence.

Companies failing to ensure: Fines of up to €45,000.


But the people aren’t done, quite yet. They are boycotting restaurants and other places to force a change. Plus, calling those who go along with the Nazi tactics “collaborators.”


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