One US Women's Soccer Player Defies the Wokeness and Stands

One US Women's Soccer Player Defies the Wokeness and Stands
AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan

We’ve been writing about the “go woke, go broke” U.S. women’s soccer team, who had to settle for the bronze medal after suffering stunning losses to Sweden and to Canada.

But before their bronze medal game yesterday, maybe a little light shone through. When the team knelt in solidarity with BLM yet again, one U.S. player continued to stand, the best player on the team — Carli Lloyd. The Australian team also stood.

She participated and scored in four different Olympics. She also played in 312 international matches. In the bronze medal match, she scored two goals, making her total Olympic goals the most for any U.S. woman in history.

But some, like this Washington Post reporter, questioned why she wasn’t kneeling.

Who she should be questioning is the other women: Do they understand why they are kneeling and what it represents to many people? That’s what a reporter should be doing.

Lloyd touched on the question of kneeling in the past.

Here’s what she said in 2019 when she called such kneeling during the anthem a “distraction,” indicating that she thought this was the wrong platform for such things. “At the end of the day, I’m really proud to be an American,” Lloyd said. “I’m really proud to wear the red, white and blue. I’m proud to salute the flag.”

Meanwhile, imagine how fast the radicalism has moved that now the whole team, but Lloyd, is kneeling.

You could already see that she was different from Megan Rapinoe, who started the kneeling. After they lost their shot at the gold medal game, Rapinoe was giving interviews and tearing up, thinking about herself. But you could see Lloyd in the background after their loss running sprinting drills in the background. That says a tremendous amount right there.

Nice to see that at least one person among all the team and staff would finally stand for America.

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