Benjamin Wittes Shows Us How Far Over the Edge Liberals Have Gone With COVID

(AP Photo/Mel Evans)

You may remember Benjamin Wittes, who is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute and Editor in Chief of the Lawfare blog.

Wittes was the guy who lived and breathed Russia collusion, who was always pushing the next “thing” that was sure to get President Donald Trump. Of course, it was all nonsense and none of those “things” ever amounted to a hill of beans. But Wittes gained quite a following with his little “BOOM” posts with a cannon trying sell folks yes, this time, this one, this is really it.


Here’s a sample.

Now, you would think after years of such embarrassing episodes, he would slink off and show some shame about it all or re-think promoting such ridiculous claims. But no such luck. Wittes tweeted something today that is so incredibly symbolic of how effective the Biden bunch has been in selling the virus fear porn. But they’ve infected their own people with this, too, making folks like Wittes even more deluded than they already were, which is saying something.

Now, the sad thing is that he likely thinks this is normal behavior and if he actually did it, he’d have to be sitting in his home alone because no one is going to put up with that. Why would anyone guarantee that to him — if he goes into a store, eats in a restaurant, goes to a bar. If he thinks that people care enough about interacting with him to do that, hello, watch how fast he gets shunned for being a jerk. “Pain of refusal to engage” — that’s hilarious, as if anyone cares that much to engage with this character. Indeed, this is a great thing. It sounds like he’s really saying he wouldn’t interact with most of the rest of the world and that rest of the world says “thanks!” No loss there. Sounds like a good deal to us! Good riddance! BOOM.


But the problem is he’s just a small sample of how manic some folks on the left have gotten over all this.



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