Minneapolis Biz Owner Who Was Cool With Rioters Burning His Business Gets Burnt Again

AP Photo/John Minchillo

There were a lot of bad reactions to the riots in Minneapolis last year.

One of the worst might have been that of Ruhel Islam. Islam had an Indian restaurant named Gandhi Mahal that was near the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct. You may recall that was the police station that the far left rioters burnt down, forcing the police to flee.


Islam’s restaurant also was set on fire during the riots. Now you might think that would make him a little disturbed with the rioters. But, instead, his reaction was noteworthy because Islam wrote in a Facebook post, “Let my building burn. Justice needs to be served.”

Islam doesn’t explain how burning down his restaurant actually “served” justice. Or how burning down other businesses, homes and killing people was “justice.” Imagine thinking that encouraging these horrible actions has anything at all to do with justice. What an odd perception of reality.

This is what his daughter said they thought about it, according to Fox.

“It becomes clearer to me than ever that the issue at hand is greater than Gandhi Mahal. We can rebuild a building, but we will never reclaim the life George Floyd didn’t get to live,” she wrote at the time, not long after her family’s business was burned beyond repair. “For years, protesters tried peace. It didn’t work. If this is what it takes to get justice, then it will have been worth it.”

Islam decided to start a new restaurant called Curry In A Hurry, about two miles away, that would do takeout, delivery, and catering. But a few days ago, Islam claims that his restaurant van was stolen from in front of his home. He said the van had catering supplies, kitchen gear, and business paperwork. He said he thinks there was a key to the restaurant in the van because the restaurant was then robbed on Monday, and he says hundreds of dollars were taken.


It sounds like Islam still doesn’t get it yet. He asked for the van back, saying he wouldn’t press charges. “If you need food, I’ll give you food all your life – you’ll have it. Need a job to rent a house? I’ll give you a job. Come work with us and solve the problem… this is what we have to do.” You’re going to hire someone who ripped you off? That will end well. Not. Robbers and rioters don’t care about you; they just want chaos and your stuff.

But although Islam made that comment, he apparently also reported it to the police. So I guess “defund the police” doesn’t apply here, and they’re good to have around when you’re trying to get your van and your money back. Thinking you not only need the police, but you need a lot more of them.


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