Ron DeSantis Providing Leadership on Cuba While Joe Biden Is Missing in Action

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Cuban-Americans in Florida have been out in the streets, rallying on behalf of their brethren in Cuba. They’ve been calling on Florida and the United States to help the Cuban people.


While Joe Biden has said that he would “stand with the Cuban people,” it’s not clear that he’s actually doing anything at all to back up those words.

Some folks in Florida tried to organize boats to go to Cuba and provide help but the U.S. government was discouraging that.

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was striking all the right notes, meeting with Cuban-American leaders in a round-table discussion to discuss the deteriorating situation in Cuba. DeSantis also corrected the Biden team for falsely painting the protests in Cuba as a reaction to the pandemic.


Gov. DeSantis also uses perhaps the right word at this point, talking about why the people are “revolting.”

The Cuban government blocked Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram, and now they’ve cut off the internet altogether to make it harder to get information about what’s happening in the country and to block Cubans from communicating with each other to plan protests. Reports also that they cut off the phones. Many Cuban-Americans are worried about their family members in Cuba, amid the crackdown of the government and the bad conditions, and now, no ability to communicate with them.

DeSantis offered a potential solution. From Fox News:

“What does the regime do when you start to see these images? They shut down the internet. They don’t want the truth to be out, they don’t want people to be able to communicate,” DeSantis said during a roundtable discussion with Republican lawmakers and members of the Cuban exile community in Miami. “And so one of the things I think we should be able to do with our private companies or with the United States is to provide some of that internet service via satellite. We have companies on the Space Coast that launch these things.”

He said he was going to “make calls and see what are the options” from some Florida companies.


Meanwhile, the Democratic response has been to attack DeSantis and suggest that his anti-riot law would forbid the Cuban-American protests in Miami. First, it shows they don’t care about the people in Cuba or the interests of the Cuban-American citizens here if they take that approach. But it also shows that they know nothing about the law they’re talking about. If you aren’t rioting and surrounding/attacking cars, you have nothing to be concerned about. But Democrats seem more concerned about scoring one on DeSantis than they are about helping the Cuban and Cuban-American people. And that’s not going to go over well in Florida.



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