Tucker Shreds Vogue Over Its Piece on 'Dr. Jill,' the 'Joy Multiplier'

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How much has the liberal media become like North Korean state media?

As I previously wrote, one great example (and there are daily examples) was a gag-inducing piece on “Dr. Jill” Biden from Vogue which was so bad it put the North Koreans to shame.


It’s so bad, it’s laughable. But they also expect us to bite on this and swallow it.

Here are a couple of examples so you can get a good flavor of the piece:

Part of what makes the Bidens’ right-out-of-the-gate successes so extraordinary is that they seem to have perfectly read the room: We have been through this enormous, collective trauma, and here’s a calm, experienced, empathetic president, and here’s a first lady who is driven, tireless, effortlessly popular, but also someone who reminds us of ourselves. She’s selling a new vision for how our most fundamental institutions ought to work—infrastructure, education, public health—even as she goes to extraordinary lengths to keep a real-world job, to stay in touch with what makes her human and what matters most.


My gosh, we should bow down in homage daily! She’s such a goddess! But they’d never actually say that, would they? Oh, heck, yes, they would. Goddess in stilettos, no less.

[Biden] crouches into a deep knee bend, impressive for a 78-year-old, as a little boy carrying a tiny American flag comes toward him. He embraces the child as Jill lingers on the macadam behind him in black-and-white stilettos, looking every inch a goddess at 69. It’s moments like this with the Bidens – hugging children! – that bring home just how incomprehensibly irregular and out of place our previous president and first lady really were.

Um, Melania hugged children all the time and did a lot for them, knowing she wasn’t going to get any media attention like this for it. And she did it without any of the creepy subtext that often seems to accompany Joe Biden. Talk about “out of place.”

But Tucker Carlson argued last night that even North Korea didn’t reach the heights Vogue did, that they should “look on in awe” at the job done by Vogue in describing how we should all love and worship “Dr. Jill,” the “joy multiplier,” as Vogue termed her.


It’s funny and it’s ridiculous. But it’s also cover at this point, too. If you’re reading and believing this crapola, you’re not actually looking at real questions about Joe’s competence and whether it’s Jill trying to run the show. Vogue, meanwhile seems to be ok with the idea of her having a “new role” of “key player.” This is the fluff they put out to pacify. No worries, children, all is well, Dr. Jill is on the job, so it doesn’t matter if the guy who has his finger on the button has a brain full of mush.



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