Minneapolis City Council VP 'Held Hostage' by BLM Activists Until She Agreed to Their Demands

AP Photo/Noah Berger

We may have finally found something that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey will speak against.

He’s furious at what happened when BLM people surrounded the car of the City Council Vice President Andrea Jenkins. Jenkins said that she was held captive by the activists around her car and they wouldn’t allow her to leave for ninety minutes until she agreed to sign a paper agreeing to their demands.


This is crazy stuff, as this video shows. The demands agreement looks like a scrawled hostage note, with “People’s Demands” at the top of it. The handwritten note called for a police accountability commission, dropping all charges against all 646 protesters for 2020, leaving George Floyd Square alone, and the resignation of the mayor. “We’re through asking,” one woman yells, “now we’re demanding,” she says.

Warning for graphic language:

What do these folks not understand about it’s not valid if something is signed under duress? And it could be false imprisonment if they’re not allowing her to leave. These folks think they’re entitled to do whatever they want, even hold an official ‘hostage’ in her own words.

Jenkins said she was traumatized and posted on Facebook that she was “verbally berated, attacked and held ‘hostage’ against my will by a large group of angry protesters.” She said she refused to be “bullied and held hostage” and “no citizen has the right to detain and coerce anyone to do anything”


From Minnesota CBS Local:

“I will certainly let the council vice president speak for herself. We did have a conversation and she made very clear that it was under duress,” Frey said. “It has nothing to do with First Amendment speech. First Amendment speech is about having the ability to express yourself, not the ability to compel somebody else under duress to take your position and intact your speech.”

He is furious Jenkins was held against her will.

“I don’t care what your politics are, Democrat, Republican, Independent. Everyone should be speaking out against this,” Frey said. “The issue you are fighting for, you should not hold people against their will and compel them to take your position under duress. That’s fundamentally wrong, it’s anti-democratic.”

Donald Hooker, Jr, who was one of the activists termed the incident as a “conversation.” “I was trying to keep her accountable, and I said, ‘Well, we’ll just have to show up and do a protest at your house, a friendly protest,’ and then that’s when she blew up in my face,” Hooker Jr. said. Try to sell that somewhere else, that’s not flying here. A “conversation” doesn’t involve not letting someone leave and forcing them to comply with your demands.


Who would get mad at that, right, when they threaten to go to your house? Shame on her. These people are out of their minds. They really need to have consequences for their actions. Because they haven’t had those consequences, they think they can do anything they want.


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