Abbott, Cornyn Prove Just How Big a Failure Kamala's 'Border' Photo Op Was

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Kamala Harris got near the border on Friday, but in a game of smoke and mirrors, didn’t actually get to the physical border itself. Instead, she flew into the El Paso airport, 800 miles north of where the real crisis is in the Rio Grande Valley. She went to a border patrol facility that was about nine miles from the border, then went back to the airport where she met with NGOs, and shelter and legal providers, for about an hour.


She was in and out in under four hours. Basically, a four-hour layover on her way to California, to quiet any more talk about why she hadn’t visited the border.

But, the folks in Texas who have to deal with the federal failure–day after day–weren’t having it, especially the Republican leaders in the state.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott drew a stark picture of how little Harris dealt with on the trip.


“Harris didn’t talk to Texans whose homes have been invaded who’ve had guns brandished against them, whose property has been destroyed by gangs & cartel members coming across the border,” Abbott said. “She hasn’t talked to families destroyed by Fentanyl smuggled into TX. She doesn’t care.”

In other words, while she went to the border patrol facility, she didn’t talk to the Governor, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), or any of the citizens or local law enforcement most affected by the crisis. She spoke to activists and those who provided legal services to the illegal aliens.

That says everything about where her focus on the issue really is, because it surely isn’t on the citizens of Texas who have had to deal with it. She didn’t even bother to talk with or even speak to any of the Texas Democrats who have been most affected, like Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), who have been begging for help.

Harris did meet with Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX), who represents the El Paso area, who fan-girled all over Kamala and declared El Paso the “new Ellis Island,” which isn’t even close to being true. But, it revealed, again, the focus of the Biden team, that Kamala would meet with the Democrat who seemed to think that this was just a great thing.


So, Harris got her photo op. But, there’s no indication that they will change any policies, so how will anything actually change? It was just a waste of time and money.


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