Marks and Spencer Claims New Underwear Line 'Spurred on' by George Floyd

Underwear models (Credit: M & S Media)

Someone’s going to have to help me out with this one.

This move from Marks and Spencer just goes way over the slide in its effort to be “woke.”


According to the Daily Mail, they launched their new underwear collection as a “bold and relevant” campaign called Nothing Neutral About It. They expanded their shades of underwear designed for different skin tones including darker hues.

It explained that their products had been “inconsistent and inadequate for all ethnicities,” while “the terms nude and neutral have generally been used for lighter skin tones.”

M&S – the UK’s biggest bra and knickers retailer – said the range was partly inspired by ‘the global conversation on racial inequality following the horrific death’ of Mr Floyd in Minneapolis, US, last year. [….]

The new colours are named after gemstones such as Topaz and Amber after the retailer said it received ‘clear customer feedback’ against names such as Tobacco.

The new shade names signify ‘things that are special and precious’.

As Laura Charles, their director at M&S Lingerie says on the video, “The horrific death of George Floyd and the global conversation on race, equality and unconscious bias really spurred us on to go harder and faster.”


So I have a few questions here.

You mean they didn’t have different colors before like every other retailer? They’re only motivated now after the killing of George Floyd?


But then they’re trying to market this as some kind of “bold” or “woke” move to sell their new line using talk about race and George Floyd? Seriously? You’re virtue signaling about George Floyd’s death to sell underwear? Probably not the flex they thought it was. Is it possible to go more “broke” than this woke effort?

People on all sides of the aisle are rightly bashing this marketing. This just makes him a marketing tool: “Look at us, we’re really woke now, so buy our underwear.” No, that’s not a great tool for attracting women to buy your underwear, rather it would just make most just say no.


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