Illinois Town Cancels July 4th Parade, as Other Parades Get Scheduled

(Mike Adams/The Augusta Chronicle via AP)

Real Clear Politics’ Tom Bevan, who is their co-founder and president, comes from Evanston, Illinois.

He recently posted a tweet about what is going on in his hometown, in terms of celebrations. While the town is holding a parade for Juneteenth today and another for Pride on June 26, he wrote, they are canceling their traditional July 4th parade and fireworks celebration.

From the Independence Day event association’s website:

Based on concern for public health due to the unpredictability of the pandemic’s impact, vaccination rates, and in cooperation with our local authorities, the Trustees of the Evanston Fourth of July Association voted to cancel the Fun Run, Parade, Palatine Concert Band performance and Lakefront Fireworks show on July 4, 2021.

“However, we are committed to presenting safe, creative, community-building offerings with a virtual celebration,” they wrote.

Evanston Now reports they were considering some possible concerts or outdoor games for the day.

Meanwhile, the Juneteenth Parade will be going off without a hitch, starting at 11 a.m. with two Grand Marshals, followed by an afternoon in the park with art, music, food, and celebration.

The Pride event is on June 26, with a car parade, a community picnic, a candle lighting and remembrance ceremony.

Now, the City of Evanston is saying that the reason for this is that the events are run by different, non-city-managed organizations.

Of course, the July 4th Association has the city listed as a “partner,” which is probably necessary to be able to conduct the event, but also makes them obviously having some influence on the event.

S,o I’m curious as to which local officials are involved in the association, because you know that’s who is usually behind such event associations. Who believed that not having the Fourth of July celebration was a good idea? Obviously, their opinions seem to differ from those who put on the other events — and who think that parades and picnics are okay.

Just another small observation, that Evanston is a very liberal city, with near 90% support for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

But hey, I’m sure it’s because of the massive number of Wuhan coronavirus cases in Evanston right now, right? By the way, just how many are there right now, recorded in Evanston? Two active cases.

Moreover, 75% of the city had been vaccinated , as of two days ago.

Here’s a thought: maybe those two people could stay home and everyone else can celebrate the birth of our nation. Seems fair to me.