Ted Cruz Takes Biden to the Woodshed for His Reaction to US Press Getting Shoved Around by Russians

Al Drago/Pool via AP

We reported earlier on how the media had a meltdown over being manhandled at the Biden-Putin summit in Geneva.

The U.S. and other world media had been trying to get into the photo-op set up for Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin prior to their meeting today. But as we noted Russian security, then got handsy with the American press, shoving and pushing them.


So what was Joe Biden doing while the media was being pushed around at the door? Apparently, he thought the American press getting shoved around by the Russian was something to smile about, if you check out this picture. They have big broad smiles and Secretary of State Antony Blinken is clearly laughing.

The report states he was smiling.

Here’s the video of Biden appearing to laugh too.


Now, much as we might not like and might criticize the liberal media, Russian security shouldn’t be putting their hands on them or any Americans. And for sure, a U.S. president shouldn’t be smiling or laughing about it. Biden doesn’t give a rip about the media except as they favorably reflect him, so he really didn’t care.

How did President Donald Trump handle a similar situation, even given all the horrible treatment he got from the press?

No reports of Trump sitting there laughing about their predicament.

Can you imagine what the media would have said had Trump done this? It would have been running constantly on a loop on CNN and we would be getting 24/7 coverage of it with analysis about the “suppression” of a “free press.” Meanwhile, there’s no doubt they will continue to bootlick for Biden even despite this. That said, it’s still wrong for Biden to have given any leader, much less Putin, the belief that he can push around Americans.


But hey, at least they no longer have mean tweets from Trump, right? Just them being shoved to the ground, laughed at, and insulted by Biden. Some of them have to be more than quietly wishing for Trump back at this point.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) gets it right.

“Disgraceful: Biden does nothing while Putin silences the press. @JonLemire. This is a pattern. When John Kerry was at State, he did the same thing—turning a blind eye to Cuban thugs silencing the press.”

This is just fundamentally wrong on the part of Biden.


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