Dem Proposal to Not Seat GOP Who Have Been Duly-Elected Should Shock Us All

Jim Watson/Pool via AP

Democrats have demonized Republicans for objecting to the electoral count of various states in the 2020 election despite Democrats having done exactly the same thing in the past.


But apparently, when Democrats do it, it’s all just cool. They don’t even care what hypocrites they look like, if they can pitch that narrative to their base and hype them up. We’re just supposed to forget things like Hillary Clinton questioning the legitimacy of President Donald Trump’s election since 2016. Do you recall the efforts by folks to suborn the Trump electors in 2016 and the death threats they got? How about Stacey Abrams’ claim that she should have become Governor of Georgia (but for losing by 50,000 votes)?

Republicans have been trying to ensure election security and multiple states have introduced or passed bills in regard to that. Apparently, election security is an issue for some on the left, who have tried to demonize the Republican efforts. One has to wonder why they are working so hard at trying to defeat such efforts, with folks like Joe Biden even calling them “Jim Crow 2.0.”

But now, Democratic lawyer Marc Elias, who represented the Democrats in cases filed by President Donald Trump over the 2020 election and is involved in cases over some of the new laws/bills, has a new proposal.

According to Roll Call, Elias has proposed that the House Democratic majority refuse to seat newly elected Republicans from states that imposed new voting “restrictions.”


Talk about screaming hypocrisy. Can we say “attack on democracy”? They’re actually talking here about refusing to sit duly-elected members of Congress not even because of concern about any specific issue in any particular election, but because they don’t like laws that states have passed or might pass. While they might be able to legally do it, even such a proposal should shock all Americans that this is where Democrats are proposing to go. This is a rejection of the normal order and the will of the people. (As is often said, if Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have none at all.) This would truly bring down the order of our elections, more so than any three-hour riot, if they actually tried to make this happen — if Democrats started rejecting seating Republicans because they can flex their power as the majority.

Whether or not they could even make this happen is questionable. But even just proposing this should reveal to Americans that Democrats will do anything to hold onto power and how dangerous that attitude has become.


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