Former Biden Coronavirus Adviser: Pandemic Was Worse Because Americans Didn't Sacrifice Enough

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Andy Slavitt was Joe Biden’s senior adviser to the COVID response team. He just stepped down from the position last week and now has a new book he’s hawking on all the networks, “Preventable: The Inside Story of How Leadership Failures, Politics, and Selfishness Doomed the U.S. Coronavirus Response.”


What a coincidence, I’m sure that his leaving isn’t at all timed to coincide with the book coming out. Did it factor into his joining the administration? This is just wrong to try to profit off the pandemic with a book. Yes, he’s no longer with the Biden team but that doesn’t make it any less scummy.

But on top of that all, he’s now trying to hype the book by lying about President Donald Trump and actually disparaging the American people.

Slavitt tells CNN’s John Berman that there were “political leadership mistakes” including that President Donald Trump “denied the virus for too long.” That’s just an out-and-out lie. In January 2020, as word of the virus began to come out, Trump formed the coronavirus task force, declared a public health emergency, and cut travel with China. So no, he obviously wasn’t denying the virus. But this is the constant lie that Democrats have pushed.


Meanwhile, Democrats like Ron Klain, Biden’s present chief of staff, said in February 2020 that we had more to fear from “fear” than from an epidemic.

But then Slavitt went beyond attacking Trump; he got to what he seemed to think was the real heart of the issue — the response of Americans, that we somehow we didn’t sacrifice enough. “We all need to look at ourselves and say what do we need to do better next time?…Being able to sacrifice a little bit for one another, to get through this and to save more lives is going to be essential and that’s something that we could all have done a little bit better on,” Slavitt claimed. Not breathing near each other, avoiding that interaction, “requires a certain amount of sacrifice and change,” he says.


Was Slavitt around in America this past year? Did he not see all the pain that Americans were put through? Seriously? How dare you?

Let’s talk about the people who lost their jobs, the kids who couldn’t go to school. The people who couldn’t visit their parents in the nursing homes, the people in some places whose parents died in those nursing homes because of Democratic policies. The people who couldn’t have funerals for their parents because it wasn’t allowed. All the people who were denied medical treatment for other illnesses and may be sicker or died because of it. The people who committed suicide in response. Not to mention the mask-wearing, the isolation, and the denial of normal human interaction. The list of the pain and sacrifice is endless. But all that wasn’t enough for this character. Apparently, we didn’t sacrifice enough of our rights for him.

He talks about “playing on divisions.” But that’s exactly what he was doing last year when he was spreading false stories like this.


What more would he have required us to give up? The frightening thought is that this weasel was in power where he could have made his desires a reality.

Maybe Slavitt is talking about all the Democrats who didn’t “sacrifice” but imposed restrictive rules on all of us and then blew them off themselves, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot?


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