YouTube Drops the Hammer on Ron Johnson for Daring to Talk About Virus Drug Research

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

According to USA Today, YouTube has suspended Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) for a week for posting of video of his remarks at the Milwaukee Press Club last week. In the video, he criticized both the Trump administration and the Biden team for not looking more at research into drugs that were already available that could be helpful for the Wuhan coronavirus.


YouTube claimed that it violated their COVID 19 “medical misinformation policies,” which “don’t allow content that encourages people to use Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin to treat or prevent the virus.”

Johnson blasted the decision in a new statement.

“YouTube’s ongoing COVID censorship proves they have accumulated too much unaccountable power,” he said. “Big Tech and mainstream media believe they are smarter than medical doctors who have devoted their lives to science and use their skills to save lives. They have decided there is only one medical viewpoint allowed and it is the viewpoint dictated by government agencies.”

This isn’t the only video they’ve objected to from Johnson. They also pulled down two videos of doctors testifying about early therapies for the Wuhan coronavirus before Johnson’s U.S. Senate Homeland Security committee. So, they even pulled videos of Congress trying to figure out how to deal with the virus. What kind of sense does that make?

Who died and made YouTube the arbiter of all medical truth? Yes, it is their platform. But once again, there isn’t any kind of even-handed reality here. They’ve decided certain things are not to be said — even by members of Congress trying to investigate what can be helpful for the American people. And oddly, this only applies the virus. They don’t seem to have an issue with all manner of actual lies and other kinds of misinformation all over their site. There are all kinds of political lies, like Russia collusion ,and all kinds of alternative medical things, but those are apparently all okay to YouTube.


Now, we could point to a recent study that shows the medical benefit of hydroxychloroquine and zinc together in helping the survival rate, that the rate was nearly three times as high as those who did not receive the treatment. So, YouTube is making a decision about which medical doctors they want you to believe.

But, it shouldn’t be about that. It’s about an effort to control speech and belief. You will act in accordance with the proscribed truth. Or else.

Bottom line? We all get that you can’t talk about this because President Donald Trump mentioned hydroxychloroquine last year. So, it is now That Thing We Must Not Talk About and for which people will get whacked like Johnson. Because anything associated with Trump must be demonized and must be shut down.


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