Police Have a Few Facts for Liberals Who Spread Crazy Conspiracy About Vandalism at Nancy Mace's Home

AP Photo/Mic Smith

We previously reported about what appeared to be Antifa symbol graffiti sprayed on South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace’s home and property over Memorial Day weekend.


Here were some of the pictures.

Now, you would think that the normal response to that would be to say that’s terrible and lend support, even if you were a Democrat or a liberal, and to condemn such an attack on someone’s home and stand against it.

Instead, liberals set off on a conspiracy jag, without any proof, accusing Mace of vandalizing her own home, without any real reason or rationale behind it. The attack included some high-profile liberal blue-check accounts that went down the rabbit hole of crazy.

Pat Cunnane, a former Obama speechwriter, claimed it appeared that she’d forged the vandalism and implied that she hadn’t filed a police report (she had). Cunnane cited a Raw Story reporter Matthew Chapman, who claimed the handwriting looked like Mace’s.


The conspiracy was also fed by Parker Malloy of Media Matters and Bess Kalb, a writer for Jimmy Kimmel, who claimed that the graffiti’s penmanship looked like the handwriting in a campaign letter sent out by the Mace campaign, although it’s not even clear that Mace wrote that letter. Another Kimmel writer, Rick Rosner, even suggested that maybe Mace should be charged for making a false report.

Some of those people, like Cunnane and Malloy, have since deleted their tweets – probably not wanting people to see what conspiracy theorists they are. And Crooks and Liars (interesting name) might want to retract the story – there’s a little news update for those conspiracy nutters.


Police on Daniel Island, S.C. believe the vandalism at Nancy Mace’s home is connected to other vandalism that took place on the island, at the Bishop England High School, on February 23. That graffiti included an anarchy symbol like at Mace’s home, plus a hammer and sickle symbol. Video at the school showed a person dressed in black tagging the school. Police believe there were similarities in the writing and that the same individual is behind both incidents. There was also other spray painting vandalism on other areas of the island.

Police put out the following picture of the suspect, which Mace also posted.

So unless these crazy conspiracy theorists are suggesting that Mace was somehow involved in an unrelated act of vandalism in February, they appear to be up a creek without a paddle. Looks like the facts just might have caught up with them.


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