Ron DeSantis Cheered Like a Rockstar at Massive Concert With Pointed Shot at Fauci

AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Democrats might want to take a look at this one.

Because this shows just how much trouble they are in with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. They’ve done all they could, inventing different ways to attack him, it seems, every week. But it only seems to be helping to build him up more and feeding his profile to the Republican base.


That showed, clearly when he was called out on stage last night at Panama City Beach, at the 2021 Gulf Coast Jam. The concert was supposed to be last Labor Day but was delayed because of the pandemic. It’s now the largest concert held in the country since the start of the pandemic, with an estimated 22,000 people.

From WTSP:

“It’s the first major, over 20,000 people in population event that I’m aware of, that Billboard Magazine is aware of and that Rolling Stone Magazine is aware of (in the U.S. since COVID-19),” Gulf Coast Jam producer Rendy Lovelady told the Panama City News Herald. “After this weekend, it’s a house of cards and they just fall everywhere. There (will be) thousands of them across the country.”

That sounds like a pretty good prediction, with all kinds of restrictions continuing to fall.

Masks were optional at the event that, in addition to DeSantis, featured headliners Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brad Paisley and Luke Bryan.

When DeSantis was announced, he was greeted with raucous cheers, from what looked like a largely young audience. That should especially worry the Democrats.

Now check out these optics.


“Florida chose freedom over Fauci-ism,” DeSantis told the crowd. “My message for other states and other countries: open your states, open your schools, let people live their lives, don’t make them wear masks.”

Talk about a message one can cheer for, that’s it and it feels like the country is coming out of its long pandemic sleep.

Last week, DeSantis called for accountability from government officials and Dr. Fauci in regard to their actions during the pandemic, especially in regard to issues raised by the Fauci emails. Another long-needed message that we need to hear from more officials in government.

If DeSantis can keep putting forth clear and consistent messages, and pull an audience like this, he’s going to be tough to beat.


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