WATCH: Fauci Squirms and Refuses to Go After China on Virus Cover-Up

Dr. Anthony Fauci was on MSNBC this morning with Willie Geist on “Morning Joe,” after spinning last night about his emails with Nicolle Wallace on the network.


Geist actually asked him a good question: Why is it so difficult to get information to figure out the answer in regard to the origins of the Wuhan coronavirus?

Fauci’s response again is either incredibly ignorant or dissembling. Probably parts both.

“We need better access to all the information,” Fauci said. “It’s obviously in China’s interest to find out exactly what it is.”

No, it’s not in their interest if they created it, why does he think they were covering up and silencing doctors on the question?

Fauci said the proof for the natural theory would be to find that link — meaning the link showing the jump from animal to human, the zoonotic theory. But notice, how he acknowledges they haven’t found that link. So why was that the only theory they’ve been pushing for the last year while sitting on and dismissing every other theory?

Fauci claims that accusing China would only make them “pull back more.” How has not accusing China, sitting on the evidence, and not confronting them on it worked so far? Has that made them share anymore? Of course it hasn’t; this is a specious argument. Trumpeting that evidence before the world of the cover-up and putting pressure on them to respond would have been the better position to start. President Donald Trump tried that and he was undercut at every turn by Democrats and media. Instead, what China has done is try to blame us for the virus, claiming we created it.


So Geist asks Fauci that question: Why would it be in China’s interest to figure out the truth if the truth would not be helpful to them? Wouldn’t it be in their interest to hide it? A pretty logical question.

Fauci refuses to answer that question, to tag China in any way because he claims whatever he says will be “taken completely out of context” and blasted across Twitter. He refuses to highlight any of the undisputed evidence that we already have of the cover-up. Suddenly, the guy who has speculated and flip-flopped all over the place refuses to even go there based on any of the known evidence.

Not just Fauci, but where’s Joe Biden calling out China? It’s at least in part because of Democrats yelling “xenophobia” and refusing delivery on facts that this has been delayed so long. Where’s Joe Biden weighing in? The silence is deafening.


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