Admiral Giroir Explains Why We Can't Rule out That Bioweapon Theory on the Virus

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

It’s been pretty amazing watching the media finally come around to the possibility that the Wuhan coronavirus might have leaked from the lab, after a year of the media not even being willing to countenance it.


But now there’s another “conspiracy theory” that may get further look, too, with the comments of former Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Brett Giroir to Bill Hemmer on Fox today.

Giroir was the COVID-19 testing czar under President Donald Trump, was part of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, and was also the U.S. representative to the WHO executive board. So one might think he has some qualifications to speak on the issue.

Giroir said that investigators should not, and could not yet, rule out the possibility that the virus was part of an “offensive bioweapons program.”

Giroir said he became convinced that it was a lab leak because there was no real evidence linking it to the natural world. But on the other side of it, the evidence about a lab leak was “becoming compelling,” he said including the nexus of the lab doing the bat coronavirus research near the origin. Giroir noted that lab leaks were not uncommon and had happened before. He also pointed to the data about the Chinese researchers getting ill in November 2019. Giroir said he did say this a year ago, “The only thing we knew was that there were no obvious fingerprints of this virus being engineered.” But he said he hadn’t ruled anything out, as opposed to Dr. Anthony Fauci who argued it had evolved in nature, despite the fact that there was “no data” to support it and “there’s still no data” that supports it.


Giroir reminds Hemmer about the huge cover-up to lock down all the information about what had happened by the CCP.

Hemmer read a note from Giroir saying, “It is not outrageous to hypothesize that the virus could have been part of an offensive bioweapons program and leaked out accidentally.” Giroir continued, “I think the most likely explanation is it was gain of function mutation work it leaked out. But, uh, unlike the United States, the United States does not have an offensive biological weapons program. There are multiple open sources of intel that suggest that China has an extensive biological weapons program and that it’s integrated between state laboratories, academia and private industry. So, it is not crazy as people suggest, like Dr. Collins suggested, that this could have been part of a bioweapons program. It is possible,” Giroir said.

“It is certainly a possibility. This virus is not a great biological weapon, uh, if you look at, uh, characteristics but it certainly could have been part of a program and again, I’m not saying that it was, I’m saying that that should still be considered a possibility. The most likely explanation is this was dangerous research, it could have been funded by the NIH and it leaked out by a laboratory accident. I still think that is the most likely explanation and we need to work on that and get to the bottom of it,” he continued.


Giroir also disputed statements from Fauci last year about a pattern of mutations indicating natural development, “There was no pattern of mutations,” he said, completely blowing the doors off Anthony Fauci. So he’s basically saying there was no real support for what Fauci had been telling us in public about natural evolution.

At this point, the GOP should be demanding a commission and a full-on investigation. Democrats are so hot on commissions — where are they on demanding one here?


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