Maggie Haberman Tweets Nonsense That Stokes Liberal Mania About Another Trump 'Coup'

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Okay, are you ready for the latest crazy liberal conspiracy theory now screaming up the Twitter charts? Stay with me on this one because, of course, it involves President Donald Trump, as he lives rent-free in their heads.


Maggie Haberman of the New York Times quote tweeted comments about a “coup” with basically a “some people say” comment. She claimed that people were saying that President Donald Trump was saying he would be “reinstated in August.”

Now, this immediately set off people on the left in a couple of different ways.

First, some immediately were off to the races because of Haberman quote-tweeting a remark about a “coup” and then jumped to Trump was going to promote a coup in August which, of course, isn’t even what Haberman said and has no basis in fact or reality. But hey, these are the crazies who pushed Russia conspiracies for years. Seriously, these people are nuts.


Second, there were the people who flipped out at Maggie Haberman for “amplifying” the supposed comment about being “reinstated.” They claimed that Haberman was pro-Trump and was therefore giving air to him. And they were very mad at her for doing that.

Now, of course, that’s nuts. I’m not sure which of the two groups is more insane.

But one of the worst reporters when it comes to “amplifying” nonsense against Trump has been Haberman. That’s why I wouldn’t touch anything she claimed Trump said with a ten-foot pole and wouldn’t believe this alleged “reinstated” comment. This is typical anti-Trump media nonsense. The “anonymous source,” “some people say” thing that has about as much reliability as a leaky boat. Can I say any louder what utter B.S. I think this is? If they can’t put forth a source, it’s garbage.


What I could believe is that Trump was talking about being reinstated on social media, that’s possible. Or that he thinks he would win again in 2024 and be “reinstated.” But even saying something being about “reinstated” doesn’t logically equal “coup.” That’s taking something that’s nonsense and putting an even crazier spin on it.

But now, once again, this stokes the liberal paranoia when it comes to Trump and that seems to be what it’s all about when it comes to the media. If they’re not pushing nonsense about Trump, they really don’t know what to do with themselves.


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