Portland Police Are Finally Going After BLM for Blocking Roadways, Harassing Motorists

Portland Police Are Finally Going After BLM for Blocking Roadways, Harassing Motorists
Confrontation in Portland between BLM and motorist. (Credit AlGalMyPal)

One of the continuing issues with the BLM protests/riots has been the custom of BLM activists blocking the streets and preventing cars from coming through an area in which they are agitating.

While this blocking and harassing of motorists has taken place across the country, and resulted in deaths and assaults, police don’t seem to be acting to stop this kind of action.

Until, perhaps, now.

Portland Police, those guys who have been significantly hampered by the politicians above them, just announced they are actually investigating and going after the folks who blocked the streets and harassed motorists in incidents on May 6.

As the police explain, they got a report of a “pedestrian struck by a car” relative to the BLM being in the street. But when the police responded, they didn’t find any complainant. What they did see was a large group carrying firearms moving away from the area.

But while police stayed in the area looking for the “pedestrian,” the BLM group was roaming the area, harassing people in other cars,

Additional calls came in from people who had been driving vehicles in the area and who were blocked by the crowd in the street. One person said people in the crowd broke out their vehicle windows, damaged tires, and sprayed them with some kind of irritant near North Interstate Avenue and North Killingsworth Street.

A person in another vehicle blocked by the crowd near North Alberta Street and North Michigan Avenue got into a dispute with people who surrounded him and took a firearm from him, as well as tools and keys. [….]

One person was transported by ambulance to the hospital following one of the altercations.

Now, we covered how the group stopped one motorist, Joe Hall, in the street and surrounded his vehicle, pointing guns at him (see earlier link). They then took his keys from his truck and when he got out to get them back, one pointed a gun at him, he raised a gun back. Someone then tackled him from behind, they took his gun and allegedly beat him up.

As Hall explained to KPTV, he ended up with a partially collapsed lung, two lower vertebrae fractured, 5 broken ribs, a broken collar bone, and head trauma. Hall said he stood his ground and he would “do it all over again” but that he’d had enough of Portland and would be moving out of the area.

You can see the actual incident with the armed folks here, if you click through to the YouTube video (but come right back).

This would seem an obvious thing that police should be investigating. But, it requires mentioning, because police haven’t seemed to give a darn about this happening all the time, particularly in Portland. So, naturally, because of that, it’s gotten worse with these folks thinking they really do own the streets and can do whatever they want and abuse motorists however they want. Now, it sounds like the police may finally be holding some of these folks to account. That’s, unfortunately, newsworthy when it comes to Portland.

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