Police Ticket Journalist for Violating Virus Rules - Including for 'Shaking Hands'

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Whenever we think that the rules imposed upon us to “beat” the Wuhan coronavirus are screwy, just remember, you could always be in Canada, where it’s still really nuts.


Ontario is on lockdown with a stay-at-home order prohibiting people from having any social gatherings outside of their household. People are prohibited from traveling outside of their public health region and are only “allowed” to go out for necessities. If you don’t comply, you can be fined and face potential jail time.

Folks came out in Hamilton, Ontario to protest the rules on Sunday. They’ve gotten tickets in the past even when socially distanced.

Efron Monsanto, who reports for Rebel News, came out to cover the action and he got nailed by the police, too.

They had pre-written tickets that they served on him. The officer explained to him he was getting two tickets for violating the Reopening of Ontario Act – one for being at a gathering of more than five people, the other for “shaking hands with the public” because the officer said that he shook hands with one of the other people. Seriously, ticketing for shaking hands? The officer explained the ticket saying that he was shaking hands and failing to maintain a 2 meter distance from another person by doing that. Meanwhile, then the officer, who wasn’t wearing any gloves, got within 2 meters of him and handed him the tickets.


The tickets added up to a pretty hefty fine for basically the same offense – $1440.

But while the police are all over this small anti-lockdown gathering, they don’t appear to have had an issue with a massive pro-Palestinian protest in Toronto. I’m thinking this qualifies as a “gathering of more than five people” yet I’m not seeing any police giving out tickets to the packed crowd of hundreds if not thousands. Some of whom were not wearing masks.

There have been multiple pro-Palestinian protests in Toronto that don’t seem to have attracted the repeat attention that the anti-lockdown protest has. Monsanto says the police weren’t interested in those protests.

Someone want to explain to me how that packed event is somehow more acceptable than a small group? Or once again, the politics makes it acceptable, just as we saw with BLM protests in the United States.


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