Biden Economic Adviser Has the Answer -- Even More Free Money!

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Prior to Joe Biden coming in, the economy was coming back, as people were returning to their jobs and businesses were opening back up.

But then Biden extended the federal unemployment benefits to September in addition to the state benefits people are receiving.


From NY Post:

Under President Biden’s recently enacted $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, workers who lost their jobs to the pandemic shutdowns and scale-backs are now earning more in unemployment benefits than they did in wages. And that is stopping people from returning to work — just when employers are trying to reopen across the nation.

The unemployed are getting an extra $300 a week in federal benefits through Labor Day. That’s on top of state unemployment benefits averaging about $320 per week.

It means that the government is basically paying you more to stay home than you would get if you were working.

Joe Biden said he didn’t see any problem with that and he didn’t think that that was a factor why people weren’t going back to work. Oh, and he also said it was a major factor. I know, it makes no sense, but that’s Joe Biden.

Biden then basically admitted that he really did think it was a factor when he said he was going to enforce requiring people to take a job if it is offered to them, if they are getting unemployment benefits.

But that wasn’t all.

The Biden folks continued the cluelessness with an interview of Biden economic adviser Jared Bernstein. He has a Ph.D. in “social welfare,” the interviewer noted. So what did Bernstein think? He thought that the federal government should be giving parents free child care. “A very simple solution to a market failure,” he called it.


No, it’s not a “market failure.” Just like with people not going back to work because of unemployment benefits, this is also a government-created problem. It’s a government failure. If people can’t go back to work because they need to watch their kids because schools aren’t opened, it would seem the obvious answer is to open the schools to remove that barrier.

But instead, they want to pour even more government money out to ‘solve’ a problem they’ve created rather than undoing the poor approach of the government. It’s like giving a person an aspirin rather than taking the nail out of the person’s foot. Yes, the aspirin would make them bleed more, just like the government makes you bleed more, without actually solving the root issues. They want to take every excuse to get people more and more reliant and beholden to the government. Never let a crisis go to waste.


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