Queen Channels GOP and Trump With Announcement About Voter ID

AP Photo/Matt Dunham

It’s always seemed an incredibly ridiculous argument that Democrats have pushed against voter ID, suggesting that it’s “racist” to require it. A lot of the rest of the world requires voter ID and can’t imagine our system where so many states don’t require it.

Indeed, the argument itself is so racist, to suggest that people of color/minorities are somehow incapable or less capable of getting IDs. It’s that “soft bigotry of low expectations” that Democrats always seem to be pulling out.

But apparently, the Queen of Great Britain is racist, too, because, according to the Guardian, she’s about to announce tomorrow that photo ID will be required to vote in general elections in order to tackle fraud. Now, the Queen is announcing it, but it’s part of a broader election reform effort and laws that will be passed in their next parliamentary session. Voter IDs would be available through local councils, but people would have to apply for them with some time before polls open. The changes would affect UK-wide and English elections. Voters in Northern Ireland already have to show identification in order to vote.

According to the Guardian, in addition to the requirement about photo ID, their election reforms are putting a limit on the number of postal votes that can be handed in on behalf of others. Translation: they don’t like ballot harvesting any more than we Republicans do.

The liberal Guardian bemoaned that people might have to “plan ahead” and actually get ID that the councils would provide them. Gee, what a hardship when if you don’t have it already, councils will provide it to you.

Now, leftists in Britain are attacking it, relying upon what “activists” in that evil U.S. say against requiring voter ID. So the bigotry American activists espouse is now being used in Britain as well.

So, I’m just curious: Will the Biden regime cut off contact now with Great Britain? Since they’re being such racists? Will Joe Biden urge Major League Baseball to pull out of any contacts they might have with England? Where’s Joe Biden’s speech calling this “Jim Crow on steroids” and calling for a pull-out of any contact with Great Britain? And if he makes no such statement to the Queen, as we know he will not (because he knows it would be ridiculous to make this claim to the rest of the world and they would never accept his nonsense), then what does it say about his raving hypocrisy?