Janice Dean Is Having None of Chris Cuomo's Spin on Staged Basement Emergence

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Chris Cuomo is the perfect CNN employee: He just can’t seem to stop spinning malarkey and he has no shame at all about it.

Remember his emergence from the basement after his quarantine for having the Wuhan coronavirus? This was the dream he proclaimed, to be with the family, after “weeks” in the basement. “Here it is. The official reentry from the basement. Cleared by the CDC,” he said in the video. He also ran the video on his show where they described “the very moment @ChrisCuomo emerged from his basement, where he’s been riding out coronavirus for the last several weeks.”


Then, later it turned out, he had already been busted, being outside the basement visiting an undeveloped property that his family owned with his family in tow.

A victims’ rights group Twitter account, Victims Rights NY PAC, reminded him of the anniversary of his staged emergence from the basement.

Chris Cuomo, very much like his brother New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, likes to take reality and turn it on its head. He disputed the victims’ rights group and said that they should know better than to “trust Fox.”

What utter gall to try to spin the lie once again. He works for CNN which has no standing at all to talk about the falsehoods of any other network when they are so full of it themselves. But this, again, is a manipulative answer, since his staged emergence from the basement was called out by far more than just Fox.


Fox’s senior meteorologist Janice Dean busted Cuomo, and let him know that no one was buying what he was trying to sell. She cited to a good write-up on the incident by NY Magazine.

But this is just Chris Cuomo’s latest spin on the incident.

As we previously pointed out, when called out on this last year after he himself admitted that he’d had the encounter with the bicyclist, he claimed that that encounter was “past quarantine” when it happened.

Except the incident he acknowledged with the bicyclist was on Easter Sunday, April 12. His “emergence” from the basement was portrayed as on April 20, “the very moment.” Plus his wife’s blog post of their experiences still portrayed her as taking care of him and him being ill with a fever on April 12.



Suggestion for Chris? Maybe just stop lying already and take the “L” because the hole you’re digging just keeps getting deeper.


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