Trump Supporter Infiltrates Antifa in California, Shares What He Uncovered

Trump Supporter Infiltrates Antifa in California, Shares What He Uncovered
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Finally, a little effort’s being made to uncover who’s behind Antifa what they’re up to. Unfortunately, it’s not the FBI.

It’s from a Trump supporter and a local news I-team in California.

The ABC7 I-team has been investigating the radicals, taking a deeper look into their vandalism and a recent incident involving a witness in the Chauvin trial.

Former Santa Rosa police officer Barry Brodd testified in the trial as a use of force expert and he argued that Chauvin was justified in the force he used on George Floyd. As a result, the home that he used to live in a year ago was then attacked, with “masked figures in black” throwing a severed pig head at the home and pig’s blood all over the house.

According to the I-team report, police also believe the same folks were behind drenching a statue at a nearby mall in blood and leaving a sign that read, “Oink oink.”

The I-team’s Dan Noyes interviewed a Trump supporter who had infiltrated Antifa and obtained tapes about their planning and threats against not only Brodd’s former home but against other officials and police.

The man decided to get involved after reading Antifa’s manifesto, he said:

“So, I saw that they were here, I read their manifesto, and I could tell that they were a threat to the community and somebody needed to do something about this,” the infiltrator said. He got a tremendous amount, at some risk. He pretended that he wanted to take down the system, just like them. “Comrade, you know, I, I want to smash the system the same as you,’ you know, make them not feel alone, because that’s what they really want to hear to know that there’s more people like them.”

“It felt like seeing Antifa getting sort of a pass all the time from the government saying they don’t exist, saying that they’re a myth, saying that they’re just an idea,” the infiltrator explained. “You know, when obviously, they are very real, and they’re a big threat.” He turned over messages, documents and recordings to the I-team.

According to the I-team, the local group leader’s name was “Marb,” a 25-year-old college student who had previously been arrested for “felony assault on a police officer” in Oakland last year during the violence in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

The infiltrator tells the I-Team he copied what the group calls its “target list,” people they want to “dox” – to publish their private information, their addresses and phone numbers, to surveil them for possible vandalism. After his testimony, they placed Brodd at the top of the list and within an hour of the attack on his former house, Marb is back on Wickr at 3:48 a.m. telling the group, “Hey y ‘all, late notice, but some comrades took action at a house owned by Barry Brodd and if someone could swing by in the morning and get pictures, our comrades would be very grateful!”

The target list also includes the head of the deputy sheriff’s union, what they call “killer deputies” – officers involved in fatal confrontations, and Trump supporters, including Sandy Metzger.

Metzger, the head of a local Republican group, had made negative comments about Antifa and BLM.

The tapes revealed them talking about things that they might do for May Day, where they allegedly talked about killing people. Noyes said it was difficult to tell if they were kidding.

Marb: “I think it’d be sick to organize something a little more extreme for national workers’ day.” [….]

Marb: “It’s May Day, baby, like come out and take, take somethin’ over with us, I don’t, I don’t (bleep) know.”

Member: “Let’s kill people. (laughs)”

Marb: “Let’s kill some cops.”

Marb: “Yes.”

The infiltrator has also informed law enforcement about the information and the possible threats.

Noyes said Marb refused to be interviewed, but after Noyes attempted to get in contact with him, there was then a discussion about it, and the order was put out that no one should be talking to “the press or the cops.” Noyes said that Marb has since been taking down his social media and private accounts.

Good for these guys for committing some actual journalism here and putting some pressure on these guys. Hopefully, they got some information that can help in prosecutions against them.

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