John Kerry Gets Mocked as His Virtue-Signaling Effort Bumps up Against Reality

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon, Pool, File)

Seems like Democrats are always virtue-signaling.

We saw that in the case of Joe Biden during a Zoom meeting with other world leaders. None of the rest of the leaders had masks on, but Biden, who is fully vaccinated and was seated by himself, was the only one wearing a mask. He also appeared to be one of only two who did not feature the flag of his country behind him.

But he isn’t the only one. Let’s check out the Biden’s “special envoy” John Kerry. ‘Special’ might be the right word when it comes to Lurch. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me, any picture of Kerry aboard any kind of vehicle always makes him look so awkward.

So, here’s the latest virtue-signaling entry that made me laugh.

Remember that picture of him windsurfing that probably single-handedly killed any presidential aspirations he had?

Now, a few points about the most recent picture. You just know he wasn’t taking it very far, that he drove up and then got out and took it the last few feet to the office, right? Just like what Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg got caught doing about three weeks ago, when he got on a bike to ‘ride into the office.’

But then, he’s outdoors and still wearing a mask. But guess what he isn’t wearing? A helmet. If you’re going to virtue-signal, it looks like you missed that important element. Which is more likely? That 77-year-old awkward Lurch is going to fall off the scooter, or that he’s somehow randomly going to catch a virus that he’s likely already been vaccinated for?

But hey, it’s the Biden regime, who asks for logic or sense? Of course, the pic only shows him stepping on it, not actually riding it.

On top of that, while he’s pulling out the scooter for the photo op, the reality is he’s still got the huge yacht and the private plane. He’s probably got a bigger carbon footprint than any ten, ordinary Americans. He explained when he took his private plane to receive a climate change award, saying it’s “the only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

But this shows he really cares — he really does.