Ted Cruz Puts Stacey Abrams on the Hot Seat: Do You Still Think the Election Was Stolen From You?

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Democrats are all against breaking those norms. Except when they want to break them — then it’s just all hunky-dory.

We saw Mr. Malarkey, Joe Biden, get into office and then immediately start breaking norms, as well as killing any claim of “unity” by his actions.


But anyone who really believes that Democrats are about preserving norms, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Take the concept of accepting the results of elections. Who broke that norm?

There was Hillary Clinton, of course. While officially conceding, she has gone on, ever since, to blame everyone and everything but herself. She pushed, any number of times, Russian conspiracy theories over the results of the 2016 election. Let’s recall also everything the Democrats did, even after the election, to try to upend the result — from spreading the debunked Steele dossier to trying to suborn the electors and objecting to the electoral count, an action which now they frame as “treasonous.”

But let’s go slightly further back to the real person who seems to have started this trend: Stacey Abrams. She didn’t win the governor’s race in Georgia. But she did win the sore loser award of all time for not being able to accept her decisive loss.

Where was the criticism of either of these two people for trying to cast aspersions on the legitimate results in both elections? Not only weren’t they criticized, they were both lauded for it.

Abrams appeared today before Congress to speak about “voting rights.” But let’s be honest. None of what the Democrats have been pushing has been about voting rights, it’s been about manipulating the rules to maximize the chances they have to win and grab power across the board.


Here’s Abrams saying today how no one is “entitled to win.” Isn’t that the ironic comment of all time, from the woman who thought she was entitled to win, despite losing by 50,000 votes, who has proclaimed herself as the winner ever since?

So Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) put the question to Abrams: was she still claiming that the election had been stolen from her? Her answer was really a “yes” but with classic spin to justify herself.

But Cruz wasn’t letting her off the hook and got her to admit that yes, she still thought it had been “stolen from the voters.” “We do not know what they would have done because not every eligible Georgian was permitted to participate fully in the election,” Abrams claimed, repeating the lie that she’s been telling since 2018. Now there’s absolutely no legitimacy to this argument, it’s never been supported by the facts.


Cruz dropped a glorious truth bomb on her attempt. She tried to claim that there were more black voters voting because there were more black people in Georgia. But Cruz explained how that argument fails because the turnout of black voters as a percentage of the population was higher than the national average in 2018. The truth is, he said, Georgia “had the highest registration and the highest turnout, despite your claiming that the election was stolen and there was somehow voter suppression.”

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