BLM Head Toward Location of New Police Shooting, Only to Turn Around Because of a Small Problem

It’s not a secret that BLM protesters don’t give a darn about the actual facts surrounding any police shooting.

They simply assume that any police shooting is inherently wrong and racist, never mind any facts that might inconveniently upset that assumption. Oh, and the police are white supremacists so they only shoot black people.


So when the word came down on Sunday about a police shooting in Burnsville, Minnesota while the BLM folks were protesting outside the governor’s mansion, the BLM folks all knelt and held a moment of silence for the man who was killed in the shooting.

Several then announced that they would be immediately going to Burnsville, likely to whip up things there as they do everywhere they go.

But there were a couple of problems with their assumptions, as there often are.

About an hour later, they were on their way back, having found out a few facts that put a crimp in their ability to seize on the shooting for more political agenda pushing.


First problem? The suspect was white, like most of the people who are shot by the police. So, pretty hard to argue the narrative.

Second problem? Not only did the guy fire at the police, a lot, he also carjacked a woman and took off in her vehicle. The police chased him, he shot at them and then abandoned the vehicle. He then pointed a gun at another motorist and then tried to carjack another car.

Here’s part of that caught on video:

Let’s listen to one of the suspect’s victims as she explains how BLM really has no idea what they are doing if they are coming to protest over this, that this police shooting was completely justified. Meanwhile, protesters in the background appear to be trying to shout her down.


“They didn’t murder him,” the woman said. She said it was her training as a prior officer that helped her know how to respond when the man tried to carjack her. “The guy could have killed me and my 6-year-old goddaughter. He could have killed who knows how many people,” she explained.

Some mocked BLM’s reaction to what happened, according to the Daily Mail.

‘I can’t imagine this being my life…kneeling for criminals that would run everyone of them over if they got in their way’, one person wrote. ‘”Need more information” = They found out he was a carjacker firing at the police’, another said.


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