Dana Loesch Levels Joe Biden Over His Anti-Gun Tantrum With a Terrific Response

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At Joe Biden’s presser yesterday with the prime minister of Japan in the Rose Garden, Biden infamously called the 29-year-old winner of the Masters golf tournament, Hideki Matsuyama, a “Japanese boy.” Yikes.


On top of that, Biden seemed to lose track of the title of the leader who was visiting him, variously referring to him as “Vice President,” “President,” and then finally getting it right. But you wouldn’t know that if you just looked at the White House video release of the event because those comments appear to have been edited out. Indeed, there were multiple, really obvious edits out of the speech. So, one has to wonder what else was edited out of it?

But there was more.

Biden also went off on a rant about assault weapons right in the middle of the presser, calling gun violence a “national embarrassment.”

Biden called for an assault weapons ban. “Who in God’s name needs a weapon that can hold 100 rounds or 40 rounds or 20 rounds? It’s just wrong and I’m not going to give up til it’s done,” Biden said.


Translation: he is coming for guns, whatever he claims. Not to mention that he’s lying about gun owners wanting guns banned. Biden apparently thinks that he has the right to tell people how many rounds they need in a gun. It just reveals more of his ignorance about guns. It’s like his ‘fire two blasts with a shotgun through the door’ comment which has been widely mocked and even set to music.

But talk radio host and Second Amendment advocate Dana Loesch had a great response to Joe Biden’s misguided tantrum in the Rose Garden.

“We have background checks and private transfers are ALREADY regulated,” Loesch said, chastising Biden. “We aren’t selling “assault weapons. Your son lied on his 4473 and your daughter-in-law stole a gun and threw it in the outside trash across from a school, so, no lectures.”



Loesch was referencing the story that Hunter Biden allegedly didn’t tell the truth on his gun application form and then his girlfriend (who had been his brother’s wife) took the gun from him and dumped it in a trash can from which it disappeared.

That’s one of the main problems with Democrats is that they want to pass laws, but they have no idea what already exists and they’re ignorant in general on guns. Not to mention, the law never seems to apply to them when when it comes right down to it, as we see with Hunter Biden who appears to have never suffered consequences for any of his actions — at least so far.

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