'Oregonian' Deletes Poorly-Worded Tweet About Portland Police Shooting, Antifa Attacks Journalist

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Portland police shot and killed a man in Lents Park this morning after they were called to respond to a ‘man with a gun’ call. When they arrived, two police officers used less-than-lethal rounds, and another officer used lethal rounds, killing the man. The facts are still being determined.


Local media the Oregonian put out a strange tweet which some interpreted as “don’t riot, he’s white.” The paper later deleted the tweet.

But protesters began assembling before they knew the facts — and, likely, before they knew that the man who had been killed was white.


Police were attacked as they tried to protect the shooting scene from intrusion.

According to the police, 100 rioters tore down crime scene tape and breached the shooting scene. Officers were hit with sticks and had water bottles thrown at them. One tried to grab an officer’s baton. Police pepper-sprayed the group, but ultimately the police were chased away, with rioters throwing things at them. Police were forced to fire rubber bullets at them to stop them.

During the action today, journalist Justin Yau was attacked. According to Andy Ngo, Yau had previously been threatened by Antifa because of his coverage of their actions.


They also blocked the road and attacked a car.

But, just remember: “mostly peaceful.”

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