'60 Minutes' Keeps Digging, Makes Their Hit Job on Ron DeSantis Worse

When you do something wrong, you acknowledge it and apologize, right?

But that’s if you have a conscience.

“60 Minutes” doesn’t have much of a conscience.


After all the furor this past week over their despicable deceptive hit piece against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, they did mention the controversy on their show last night. But they didn’t apologize or retract anything.

Indeed their effort — trying to show ‘both sides’ reactions to their story — once again just obscured the facts instead of just admitting they were wrong.

From Fox News:

“In the mail this week, comments on our story about disparities in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine in Palm Beach County, Florida. Viewers focused on an exchange with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at a press conference. Some viewers, including a retired newsman, applauded the story,” correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi said before leading with a glowing letter from someone who enjoyed the report.

“But many more comments condemned our editing and reporting,” Alfonsi continued before reading a pair of letters with negative feedback.


Now, let’s face it. That was a pretty lame response to justifiable criticism of their piece. It made it appear that it was just a difference of opinion, as opposed to the piece presenting a false perception of what DeSantis said because of their editing. Notice they also describe the story as being on the “disparity” of vaccine distribution, stating it as though it was a fact. In addition to the deceptive editing part of the story, they never proved that there was in fact “disparity” in the distribution. As we know, that really wasn’t what the story was about in any event as much as it was an attempted hit piece on DeSantis.

The now-notorious story suggested that DeSantis had given Publix grocery stores the ability to distribute the vaccine because they’d made a contribution to his PAC. But that was debunked by DeSantis and even Democrats who had been involved in the process. “60 Minutes” edited DeSantis’ explanation, cutting out most of the debunking of their claim.

Emails showed that even though Democrats were trying to offer that clarity to the show, they didn’t really care much what they had to say. They previously tried to spin and defend their story but were shot down by those Democrats.


It’s clear that they really didn’t care what the facts were; they were trying to jury rig them to fit a hit piece because DeSantis must be destroyed because he’s a likely future Republican presidential candidate.

Given their work, now we even have to question whether the people they claim they received letters from are real.

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