A Riot of ICE and Fire

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Portland Antifa has made numerous attacks on the federal courthouse and other government buildings in Portland but we’re still waiting for Joe Biden to call it an insurrection. Heck, we’re still waiting for Joe Biden to even recognize that Antifa is more than an “idea.” Antifa is a real and constant threat that’s been attacking government buildings for months and not just in Portland but all over the country while the FBI and the DOJ seem to have gone largely missing in action on the question.


One of their frequent targets beyond the federal courthouse is the ICE facility in Portland in the waterfront district. They went after it again on Saturday night, as we see in shots from freelance journalists Chris Landis and Grace Morgan. According to Morgan, they threw a flare over the ICE gate, eggs at the door and set a fire among the broken glass bottles in the driveway. They took apart part of the fencing protecting the building and laid it up against the building and the main entrances. They then set the building on fire.

Federal agents came out and shot pepper balls at them.

But then the agents retreat and go back inside the gate.


Fortunately the fire department arrived and was able to put out the fire. Obviously, agents were inside the facility when the fire was set and when all this was going on.

No one appears to have been arrested for this insanity. Notice the chalked up street that said “No borders, no nations, no deportations.” That’s what they believe.

Why isn’t this declared the political terrorism that it is?

Why was there all kinds of federal attention to the riots on Jan. 6, but virtually no attention to this ongoing months-long (really years long if you want to include all the riots) attack on the government?

It’s because the folks now in charge of our government largely agree with them. And that’s why that wouldn’t happen and why nothing is being done to stop them.



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