Talk About Orwellian: Biden Is Trying to Push a New Definition of the Word 'Bipartisan'

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Things Joe Biden says are often mystifying and incoherent.

But his latest remarks are just the latest in Democratic Orwellian claims.

According to The Hill, Joe Biden is now trying to argue that bills are “bipartisan,” even if no GOP lawmaker votes for them, if some Republicans somewhere in the country are for them.


The White House wants to change how people perceive bipartisanship, arguing that if they put forward proposals that are backed by Republicans and independents, they should be seen as bipartisan even if GOP lawmakers in Washington don’t vote for them.

So in other words, not reality and a cult-like redefining of words, literally changing the very definition of the word.

This is how they’re going to justify bulling through bills without any GOP support, while trying to shut down Republicans and arguing against the filibuster that protects minority rights, but still arguing they’re all about “unity.” They’re going to claim that Americans really want what they’re pushing, even if half the country’s elected representatives aren’t in support of their bills. And they’ll be assisted by a lot of the media in spinning what they’re pitching.

They might be able to push things like giving out $1,400 checks (even if that was less than what they promised), even if they hide that most of the virus “relief” bill was for their own Democratic agenda items. But they’re going to have a tougher sell with HR 1, which would push national control of elections and endanger election security, while banning things like voter ID which most Americans want.


Not to mention the “infrastructure” bill, which has very little infrastructure and things like the PRO Act, which will kill millions of jobs by killing states’ rights and the right to work.

Nothing the Democrats try to sell is actually what they say it is, including, as we’ve seen, their claims about the Georgia election law. Even the WaPo fact checker was stunned by how much lying Biden was doing and had to call out Biden on it; Yet, Biden is still making the same false claims, aided by Jen Psaki as well.

That’s actually a pretty good way of describing what Biden and the Democrats are doing — digging a very deep hole for the country.



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