Biden Responds to Word That Trump Might Go to the Border With Classic Deflection

Biden Responds to Word That Trump Might Go to the Border With Classic Deflection
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As we previously reported, President Donald Trump said this weekend that he might go to the border since Joe Biden didn’t seem to be addressing the border crisis; that he’s been asked by folks in the CBP and ICE to go to the border.

Biden hasn’t gone to the border and, in the past, when asked if he would go, has just blown off the question without any direct responses, downplaying the whole thing.

Today, he was asked about Trump’s remarks about going to the border — did he think that Trump going would be productive, and did he, Biden, have any thoughts on when he might go to the border?

Biden’s response was classic Biden — deflection that actually says nothing.

“We are putting a plan in place that I feel very confident about,” he claimed. “And I don’t care what the other guy does.” This has become the administration’s stock response, they’re working on a “plan” or “this is our plan.” Well, unless the plan is to let an astonishing record number of unaccompanied minors in, you’re doing a pretty lousy job. If that’s the plan, then you’re doing a great job. The “other guy” put you to shame with the effort and what he achieved despite Democratic opposition to stop the flow of illegal aliens. You should care what the other guy did, you could have learned from him.

When asked, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield talked about how they were focused on finding more spaces to put the kids. The response should have been to cut off the flow.

Meanwhile, imagine if Trump were in office and refusing the media access to facilities under such circumstances, as Joe Biden is in fact doing. Imagine if he were saying “We don’t need to let you in now, we’ll let you in when we have everything figured out,” as Joe said during his press conference. We know media would be screaming all over the place. Some have mentioned it but there’s nowhere near the screaming because it’s a Democrat.

It’s going to get worse. Much, much worse.

But just remember, there’s no crisis because Joe Biden, the WaPo, and the AP tell us so.

So pay no attention to this or their efforts to prevent people from seeing what is going on.

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