Trainwreck: Mayor Loses It With a Pornographic Reference on Twitter, Then Makes It Even Worse

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At this point, we’ve seen a lot of strange things from politicians.

Not too many things shock us anymore given the history of weird, ugly, evil and just flat out crazy kind of things we’ve seen.


But we have say that the Mayor of Charlottesville today found a new and unique way to shock us today for sure. Now I don’t know how tough it is to be the Mayor of Charlottesville, but I’m thinking that either it’s far tougher than I ever imagined or there’s a significant problem with her in some way.

Here’s where I post the warning if you don’t want to read the pornographic post she made on Facebook and then posted on Twitter. But if you have a good sturdy constitution and want to forge ahead, it’s certainly unique. But thinking this isn’t going to go over well with the good people of that town.

Um, what the actual heck? In addition to the pornographic insanity, the city “rapes you” and “tells you to keep its secrets?”

People were actually worried about that she lost her mind or were hoping the account was hacked. The post was subsequently taken down by Facebook for violating its community standards.

Well, the account wasn’t hacked. She indeed confirmed that she’d put it up herself, saying it was a poem and putting in the full poem, without the pornographic reference, but with a lot of other twisted opinion about her town.


Oh, my. Thinking that city council is going to be meeting post haste to have a little discussion about their mayor.

This isn’t the first controversy that she’s had. She also came under investigation for questionable use of her city credit card and whether she misspent public money.

“What I did do? Speakers come and speak, typically about how to infuse equity in the conversation. And I pay them,” Walker said. “Community members come up with solutions that people who are making $60, $70, $80, $90, $100, $200,000 can’t come up with. And I give them $25 gift cards for every hour that they spend and devote to helping us heal this community.”

They had a meeting last night to talk about her credit card use and revising their credit card usage policy. She doesn’t post that often on Twitter so definitely thinking there’s a relation.


So much makes sense now.

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