NYT: How Fortunate We Are Compared to Europe Because of Trump's Approach on Vaccines

The Biden folks have been misrepresenting the facts of the vaccine response to the Wuhan coronavirus, failing to give credit for how the Trump administration made the vaccine possible and created the vaccine rollout that the Biden people could then could take advantage of when they came in, not to mention all the time they spent with them bringing them up to speed, reportedly at least 300 meetings with the transition team.


As we reported earlier, the Biden take was a flat-out lie, with the Trump team being responsible for 90% of what the Biden folks have now, according to the head of Operation Warp Speed.

But not only that, it was an incredible unprecedented success because of Trump. The Trump administration just got big implicit credit from an odd source, the New York Times, noting, importantly how we are now ahead of Europe (and many other places) because of the work done by Trump.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York encapsulated the story well.

The Times piece observed how:

The bloc was comparatively slow to negotiate contracts with drugmakers. Its regulators were cautious and deliberative in approving some vaccines. Europe also bet on vaccines that did not pan out or, significantly, had supply disruptions. And national governments snarled local efforts in red tape.


In other words, they had the typical European liberal response as opposed to the business-like response of Trump to partner with pharmaceutical companies to provide incentives, to facilitate the trial processes, and speed the whole process. Europe is suffering for that, with some countries now having another wave while we are in a much better position because we had Trump in charge facilitating the process.

The United States basically went into business with the drugmakers, spending much more heavily to accelerate vaccine development, testing and production…“They assumed that simply contracting to acquire doses would be enough,” recalled Dr. Slaoui, whom President Donald J. Trump hired to speed the vaccine development. “In fact what was very important was to be a full, active partner in the development and the manufacturing of the vaccine. And to do so very early.” The result in Europe is a stumbling inoculation effort that has led to political fallout, with leaders pointing fingers over why some of the world’s richest countries, home to factories that churn out vast quantities of vaccine, cannot keep pace with other wealthy nations in injecting its people.


It stood prior government approaches on their heads and it’s why we had vaccines in record time. Had it been Barack Obama or Joe Biden, we would have had the European model and still be up a creek without a paddle.

Trump has truly gotten a raw deal from much of the media and most certainly the Democrats on the handling of the virus. But his efforts saved untold number of lives.

HT: Townhall


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