DHS Sec Admits Releasing Untested Illegal Aliens Into US, Number Who Are Positive Is Concerning, So Are the Terrorists

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DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas basically got busted in a lie about testing and releasing illegal aliens into the U.S.

While testifying before Congress, Mayorkas refused to say how many illegal aliens were released without testing since Joe Biden came in but Mayorkas claimed it was his “policy” to test for the Wuhan coronavirus.


But then during testimony, he admitted that Homeland Security has now signed a contract with an outside vendor to begin testing at Border Patrol facilities. So basically he’s admitting that they didn’t have testing yet, saying it was his “policy” to test. So what was that policy? To hope that charities were able to test the people after the DHS released them into the communities. Some policy.

From Washington Times:

“There have been times when we have not met our responsibility as well as we should have. Those instances are brought to the attention of leadership, and they are addressed and we improved based on the mistakes made,” he said.
Pressed further, he said, “There were instances in which individuals were released.”

Translation: you weren’t testing them, you were just releasing them. This is “security” under Joe Biden, the one who claims to care about the virus.

According to local authorities, thousands have been caught and released without testing.

According to an estimate given at the National Association of Sheriffs’ meeting this week:

“Estimates are that between 5% and 50% of the persons crossing without documentation are COVID positive. In any other construct, infection rates that high would be cause for alarm by public health officials. Yet, we are currently engaging in policies that have potentially opened, rather than restricted, undocumented traffic into the U.S.”


As one Republican lawmaker pointed out during questioning of Mayorkas, illegal aliens have more lenient standards when it comes to the virus vs. legal aliens. Mayorkas denied that was true.

But if they really cared about the virus they would actually have been doing all they could to test illegal aliens and/or they would have just been expelling people trying to illegally enter in the interests of health, not letting in hundreds of positive virus patients.

The other thing Mayorkas was forced to admit was that people on the terrorist watch list are coming in through the border. It’s not just folks from Mexico and Central America who know they can get in. While foreign terrorists have come in through the border before, four on the watchlist have come in since October. Three of the people arrested were from Yemen and one was from Serbia. They know now they can exploit the border under Biden to get in.


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