Biden Implicitly Admits Trump Was Right: Asks Mexico to Help Stop Surge, Promises Vaccine Doses

Biden Implicitly Admits Trump Was Right: Asks Mexico to Help Stop Surge, Promises Vaccine Doses
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Joe Biden based his campaign on doing something about the Wuhan coronavirus.

But he’s lied about everything that President Donald Trump did to fight the virus including developing the vaccines and the vaccination plan that Biden benefited from.

He’s also let in thousands of illegal aliens without testing them for the virus, hundreds of whom are positive. It’s clearly more important to let in illegal aliens than it is to protect Americans apparently.

Now, he’s in deep trouble on the border with Mexico with the surge of thousands illegally flooding in, a crisis of Biden’s own making.

So he’s reached out to Mexico and reportedly quietly asked them to help stop the flood, according to the New York Times. Oh, and he might be able to help them out with some vaccine doses.

Anticipating a surge of migrants and the most apprehensions by American agents at the border in two decades, Mr. Biden asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico in a video call this month whether more could be done to help solve the problem, according to Mexican officials and another person briefed on the conversation.

The two presidents also discussed the possibility of the United States sending Mexico some of its surplus vaccine supply, a senior Mexican official said. Mexico has publicly asked the Biden administration to send it doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Jen Psaki tried to convince the media that the two events had nothing to do with each other. Uh-huh. Sure looks like a bribe to me.

So what we have is Biden actually trying to ask Mexico for help in stopping people from coming through Mexico to the U.S. You know that thing that President Donald Trump had already worked out and Biden blew up? He’s implicitly acknowledging that Trump was correct. That was one of the key components to why Trump was so successful at stemming the tide of illegal immigration, essentially making Mexico itself “the wall.”

So Mexico will do all the effort to try to stop the flow and Biden can pretend to do the “humane” things while Mexico cracks down on keeping people out.

Then on top of that, Biden is giving Mexico 2.5 million of our vaccine doses? And Canada 1.5 million doses? Maybe not a thing you should pledge until everyone here has the possibility of getting it first (although they claim there are allegedly enough for Americans and Mexico/Canada are supposed to give doses back to us). How about just enforcing our border laws first? Then maybe you wouldn’t need to use vaccine doses to have to talk a deal.

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