Video Sparks Talk About 'Hologram Joe' Biden and Green Screens

Video Sparks Talk About 'Hologram Joe' Biden and Green Screens
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Before he got on a helicopter yesterday, Joe Biden was asked if he would be going to the border himself at any point to see the problems that are going on there.

In the video below, a reporter asks, “Do you have any plans to travel to the southern border?” Biden says, “Not at the moment.” He says one more thing and then walks toward his plane.

But what sparked a lot of comment on social media and why the video has over a million views isn’t so much that, although once again it suggests the border isn’t a priority for him, just as Kamala Harris’ answer about the border indicated the same thing.

It’s that some thought Joe Biden’s right hand went through the fuzzy gray mic, therefore suggesting there was some green screen or something going on. The perspective is a little freaky if you watch it again, watch his right hand and the mic. That had a lot of folks spinning conspiracies last night. Some suggested maybe Biden was a hologram or superimposed on a green screen.

But if you look at other angles as well as the Getty pictures, you can see the problem comes from the perspective of the camera angle and Biden leaning in toward the cameras and mics, that, no, his hand isn’t going through the mic.

But it just goes to show how perspective and the lack of transparency by the Biden team can incite conspiracies like this.

Sheryl Attkisson had even made a joke a few days ago about replacing him with a hologram and it might work better than he does in reality.

She might have something there! Little did she know that people might be thinking that a few days later.

When you don’t have transparency, it makes it easier for people to see questions everywhere. But it is true that they’re not answering questions and they’re avoiding reporters. It is true that he has a clear coherence problem and cognitive issues. Their continuing failure to deal with that is going to continue to raise real questions that at some point they’re going to have to answer.

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